Debug Mode Off + CSS Error Still Appears


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I activated debug mode on my board to try and create an Add-on. However, while I was in debug mode I found that one of my themes appeared to have a CSS error, so I removed debug mode from the config file. The problem is, the CSS error still appears.

Is there anyway to get 100% out of debug mode or do I have to do a reinstall?



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I suppose I will have to reinstall my board again and keep the developing to localhost.

Anyways, thanks for the advice Floris - if only I had known debug mode could be so damaging before trying it out.

I suspect you were in debug mode and accidentally edited the MASTER style, without switching to the style you were editing.
The issue that it is reporting is that the header background is NULL on the XenForce template.


Try exporting the style, and re-importing it - without using debug mode.

See what's "left over" from the style - but perhaps the issue is gone and you can continue where you were.


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You just need to do a hard refresh, or edit one of the templates. It's just pulling the cached CSS with that error.