XF 1.5 Debug mode - link to slow queries


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When I enabled debug mode, link on the bottom of forum doing nothing, when it is clicked, it is just refresh forum first page.
Is this what is should be or something is wrong?

There's actually a bug in that add-on which I forgot about (I use a different version of it now that's bundled into some other stuff).

The workaround, if you still wish to use the add-on, is to add the line above as Arty suggests, and that link to the full debug output will work, but you can still use the add-on to toggle debug mode off.
Didn't even know you could get that extra debug info by clicking that link :eek:

I just used @Arty's line of code and kept @Chris D's add-on to toggle, seems to be working fine and now I have loads more info!

Awesome stuff

Thanks guys (y)
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