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I have a problem that I am not sure how to tackle with Xenforo. I have this very unique forum and some moderators that post links inside of threads. I mean they literally open a thread to post one link and that's it. Essentially, they are trying to push information out the visitors and send them to a webpage so they can print, learn, or whatever the link is pointing to.

Obviously, this bothers me and it's a forum I am getting involved with to improve it. I am looking for ideas to make this better. Obviously, the links bring value because it helps these members get to information quickly, but the useless threads are driving me mad especially since there is absolutely no engagement.

Is there something I can use to make this a better situation? Some kind of link directory or something. I have searched all over and I got nothing...


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A few of suggestions, I'm sure there are more

It's free, but I haven't worked on it for a while

Looks like a good add-on for links

Resource Manager
You can probably also use the resource manager as a link directory with a few other custom field addons (but I haven't tried it)

This plugin might also help you allow trusted users to add links (but not allow those 1 off posters that just want to add a link and run)
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Thanks @tenants. These are paid posters to fetch information. So I don't want to add additional SPAM protection. It's a heavily moderated forum anyways. These links change every couple weeks and get deleted as they become outdated. So I need something like a running list of something. I looked at the directory, and I wou'd add it based on it's outdated and not completely what I am looking for. I appreciate all of those suggestions though.