XF 1.2 DDAY Approaching... Vb4 > Xenforo, How long?

Like many others, I'm making the move from Vb4 to Xenforo and have studied all the support documents to get the conversion/import going. I'm getting close to my DDay, the day I say goodbye to VB forever, and let me tell ya, I cannot wait!

After reading the Import/Conversion docs, I still have a few questions...

1) How long does it take to import? I have 300K posts and about 20K users.


2) After running the conversion, is the correct method of proper redirection to install the Redirection Scripts provided here [http://xenforo.com/help/importing/] (using the archive log created on import) and then after doing so, change my HTACCESS file at the old board to redirect to the new?


3) After proper redirection, how long should the "old board" be kept running? At what point does one disable it, or delete the entire installation? A week? Month?

AND finally...

4) Paid subscriptions -- After successful import, should I disable this function at the old board? If I do not, would double charges occur? (One from old board, one from new board.)

For those of you who have been down this road, what can you recommend?

Thank you and I am very much excited to be apart of the Xenforo community.

~ Michael


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1. A couple of hours probably.

2. Yes, you need to install those scripts.

3. You don't need to keep the old installation running.

4. There is no need to cancel them. Paid recurring subscriptions aren't carried over so members will need to renew when they expire.