XF 2.2 How Long does Upgrade Take on Fresh Install?

Matthew Hutchinson

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I closed an old board last May and created a new one yesterday using the last version of XF I had a license for: 2.1.10.

After completing the install and setting up the forum, I renewed my license.

Instead of manually upgrading from 2.1.10 to 2.2.2, I decided to try the ACP's upgrade button.

The first thing it did was tell me the upgrade to the 2.1.12 patch was available. That took less than 5 minutes. Sweet. Cool feature. Then it told me 2.2.2 is available. It's been displaying this message for nearly an hour now, and there's no progress bar:

"Upgrading... verifying and copying files..."

A few minutes ago, I decided to visit my new board to see if something broke during the upgrade. The forum index loaded fine and I was able to access the ACP. XF is still telling me 2.2.2 is available. My account is telling me it was downloaded 55 minutes ago.

Did the upgrade stall and not tell me? Is there any harm in closing the page and doing a manual upgrade?
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