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[DBTech] Users Viewing Thread


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This is a simple modification I threw together to get myself familiar with the XF structure. It's fairly straight forward but for now.


- No longer requires a template edit
- New option to choose if box is displayed above/below thread

- Asthetic change on block

Note: If you're updating I strongly recommend uninstalling the previous version to stop a potential circular reference if attempting to simply import the new XML.

Let me know if you have any issues :)



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Absolutely terrible. It erased my database, burned down my data center and I'm fairly certain it gave me some form of disease.

xD Nah I jest, Deceptor's mah boi =D
It's up on DragonByte Tech's XenForo Test Forum of... well, Testing, and it's working like clockwork :)


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Just 1 extra query (when viewing a thread). Not had the chance to try it on a big forum yet (If anyone has a big XF I'd be greatful if you tested :D).


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YAY FOR DBTECH!!!!! I am very happy you came to XF. Will you bring the rest of your mods too? I use them for several of my VB forums.

Sir nick

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Only suggestions, Make it round corners or have it go through the whole page, enters from left and ends at right of the forum container.


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As MentaL said, this is really something that should be built in by default. Nevertheless, this a great modification - besides the fact that you have to edit the template.