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XF 1.3 DB Size Question - Styles Ever Get Deleted?

I'm coming from a small but successful IPB 3.3.x installation that from my record never tapped out beyond 30 MBs for the size of the database. Converting to XF has been fun and I'm currently at RC2.

In our dev environment, with some add-ons installed for basic functionality (XenAtendo, XenPortal), the stock DB is tapping out at about 25 MB. Recently we've been trying out various styles, and had to uninstall a number of styles because they weren't a fit. We left maybe 3 styles currently for the user to choose, but it's still in dev and we're looking to add more styles.

I looked at the DB today in our source control and was astonished to see that it had doubled in size at 52.6 MB as a direct result of style testing. Is this normal if we've removed incompatible styles? What tables can I look at to potentially cut down on size?



XenForo developer
Staff member
The data is removed if you delete a style, but each individual style requires a fair bit of additional data to be compiled and cached. This is expected. If you think this is too big, you can try going to <url>/install/ and rebuild the master data, but I suspect it won't really change.