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my forum suddenly did not show up anymore, saying that it is temporarily unavailable. The server error log tells me that there is an Mysqli prepare error (see the attached file).

Does anyone have an idea what to do and what the cause for this error might be? (I did do anything that might have caused the trouble.)



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The message is stating that one of the tables is marked as crashed - the xf_session table.
You need to repair it.

You can do that using the MySQL Databases option if you have cPanel.
There is a Repair DB button.

Or if you're not comfortable doing that you can ask your host.


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Many thank, the "repair button" fixed the problem. Any ideas why/how this error occured? I do not really like the idea being faced with this problem "out of the blue"...


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i see you´re hosting at "df" so if you´re on a jiffy-box you may try to optimize your mysql and server settings(mostly not an easy task)
if you´re on a shared/manged hosting then there is often not much to do...may ask the support for that

anything can happens anytime...so allways good to have a akt. backup of a running system.