XF 1.3 Database size after mysqldump


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I migrated a vBulletin 3.8.5 16GB database to xenForo and the final size of the new database after finishing the importer and rebuilder was 26GB. Then I ran a mysqldump of the xF database and restored it on another server and the new size is 19GB and everything appears to be complete. What's going on?

If everything is fine then I would suggest anyone importing that after finishing with the import they run a mysqldump, drop the database and then create it again and restore the dump: you'll save some GBs!

I'm running MySQL 5.5
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Reported size isn't always accurate. Optimizing your tables in phpmyadmin can affect the reported size.

If both databases have all the same records then the difference may be in the indexes. XenForo maintains a copy of all posts in xf_search_index for the purpose of creating a fulltext index in that table (if you are using the default search engine).


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Sizes are accurate because they were got through SSH running 'du - h'

Yes I'm using the default search engine and on the 19GB DB the xenForo search system works fine and I think it's because mysqldump creates a backup of all tables by default including xf_search_index

This is rare.