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XF 1.5 Database Help

Charlie J

Active member
Hello Everyone,
So i wish to have a revamp of my Forums and reset the post rating data along with every user (Except me the Administrator),

Wish to Keep:
  • Me - Administrator
  • My User groups i created, admin, mod etc
  • My theme, the settings in xenforo
Wish to Remove:
  • Forum Posts
  • Messages on peoples profiles
  • private messages
  • post ratings
  • the users - except me
If anyone here can help me with this, would be appreciated


XenForo moderator
Staff member
There is no easy way to accomplish that.

You would likely have to do a clean installation and set things up again.


Well-known member
You can delete all things that you do not want to keep from your forum. When you say post ratings, is that from an add on? If so, you can uninstall the add on.


Well-known member
I would not advice that. It would be much better if you deleted the users from your Admin Panel instead. Also, it would not hurt to make a backup of the database before you delete anything.