Database backup -> close/open forum


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For vBulletin I has write a full automatically backup script. Same I would write for xF.

In the old script I close the Forum with this line
mysql -u${DBUSER} -p${DBPASS} -hlocalhost -e "UPDATE ${DBNAME}.datastore SET data = REPLACE(data,'bbactive\";i:1','bbactive\";i:0') WHERE title = 'options'"
after the backup done I open the vBulletin with this line
mysql -u${DBUSER} -p${DBPASS} -hlocalhost -e "UPDATE ${DBNAME}.${PRAEFIX}datastore SET data = REPLACE(data,'bbactive\";i:0','bbactive\";i:1') WHERE title = 'options'"
is it possible to do the same with xF ?
Can somebody tell me the code to close/open the xF Forum via mysql?

If yes the backups script coming soon.


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When you change an option,... apart from updating the entry in xf_option table, a whole bunch of other caches are rebuilt: the option cache, last modified date for all styles, style cache, and last modified date for admin templates.

The option cache (data_key = 'options') in xf_data_registry is important, since xenforo looks there first. I'm not sure about the other settings and caches... you might skip updating those altogether, without breaking your forum.


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All the tables are InnoDB so if you start a transaction you get it at that point and there is no half done stuff in the tables.

You shouldn't need to close the forum as long as you use

--single-transaction in mysqldump