XF 1.5 Data folder or another server


Dear support,
To improve forum speed, I'd like to move data folder to another, CDN server. The first thing I'd do is to set proper value in config.php:

$config['externalDataUrl'] = 'https://mycdn.com/data'

But.. Data folder contains avatars and attachments folders. I'd like to know, how upload will behave in such a case? I mean - avatars will be loaded from cdn, but where will be uploaded? How can I change the way attachment and avatars are processed to handle cdn scenario?

I have came up with the following scenario:

1. Keep externalDataPath on local server
$config['externalDataPath'] = 'data'

2. Url set to external cdn
$config['externalDataUrl'] = 'https://mycdn.com/data'

3. Use rsync to upload local server data contents to cdn.

Is this good approach?

What is more - what is parameter after avatar url (f.e: /data/avatars/s/130/130174.jpg?1504006286) - it could prevent caching.
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