XF 1.2 Data Folder


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Just looking through the files and folders of my xenforo structure after the upgrade to RC 2 and was wondering if there is a guide about the "data" folder?

I am just wondering as I have a replica of my "attachments" in that folder albeit much smaller so I am thinking its for thumbnails the other spot I have an "attachments" folder is the "internal data" folder but the file sizes seem normal in this folder?

Just wondering what the difference is with the "attachments" folder is compare to the one found in "internal_data"?



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The /data directory houses the thumbnails.
The /internal_data directory is for the full sized attachments.

The internal_data directory is also governed by the permissions, hence how you are able to prevent guests, etc. from accessing full sized attachments.


/data and /internal_data are they only used for storing avatars & attachments? does these store any other things ? I know install lock file is in internal _data folder.


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The install-lock file is related to upgrades.

Other functions and add-ons can use those directories.
Image and page cache for example are stored in internal_data, as well as template cache.

I also make use of the data directory in my add-on.