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[cXF] Advanced Footer

[cXF] Advanced Footer [Paid] 1.8.0

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BassMan submitted a new resource:

[cXF] Advanced Footer - Add icons and/or extra links to footer, set columns and more features for footer.

This add-on will add more features to footer. Read below for more information.

*If you want to use Font Awesome icons locally you need to install this add-on: https://xenforo.com/community/resources/font-awesome-local.4287/
If you're not using Font Awesome than you don't need this add-on.

>>> LIVE DEMO <<<

  • option to remove footer links...
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Im guessing i have to edit the templates to add links to the column footer option? or is there an option somewhere im not finding?

Mark T

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Thank you.

Check Style Properties: | Advanced Footer [icons] for customising.

I can see that changes the icons color which is perfect. I had to remember to uncheck the clear box lol.

Sorry to be a pain, but that doesnt change the text of the link. Such as the contact link text.

I just need to do both.