XF 1.4 Customizing my menu bar.

Hey All, I'm totally new to Xenforo so I hope this is the best place to post this question.

I have just installed a few addons to my forum that have created additional menu links on the nav bar. I want to customize these buttons with different names, and pictures. I also want to know how to remove them also.

I am using the Fragzone theme, you can see what I am talking about on my homepage www.evidentfire.com

Thanks! :)
By pictures I presume you mean the icons which are currently in use for the Forums and Members tabs?
If so, that appears to be part of the style so you will have to post in the style thread or contact the author.

The text can be changed by editing the phrases. See this guide: How To...

Removing tabs added by third party add-ons depends on the add-on and what options are available.
You will need to ask in the add-on threads for specific support with each one.
Thanks for your feedback. Yes I am refering to the icons in the tabs, but i want to add pictures to the tabs that were created by addons. Example I added Xenporta and it added an extra home button so I plan on removing the current home button but I want to somehow get that home button icon on the blank home button that Xenporta added. Would this still be done in the theme? or is it something I need to edit in Xenporta?

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