Customized properties display order not updated

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It is the same as the other bug you reported (for the same reasons).

I didn't go into the full detail in the other report (as I don't think I remembered all the details at the time), but it's important to note that the behavior there is rather particular to the workflow you listed. Specifically, the fact that the child style is being re-created after the changes to the parent. This causes us to not be able to directly track the dependency information.

If you create a property in the parent, customize it in the child and then edit various properties in the parent (display order, value params, etc), this will be reflected in the child. It's the import part which causes issues.

Is this a common workflow for you (or an issue you've commonly seen with your customers)? I would normally assume that people update the parent style, which would push the changes to any children. It sort of seems specific to having a child export installed on a newer version of the parent.

Steve F

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Is this a common workflow for you
Yes, it’s mainly with custom clients where we import their exported child into a newer version of the framework (on our dev board). We generally don’t want to disturb their live environment trying to fix outdated properties (templates).


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We’ll often import the new version of the parent on the client site as a new style, export their current child and import under the new for testing purposes.

So it sounds like if we want to do that route... we need to export the current parent and child, import them as new styles THEN upgrade the parent to the new version.