XF 1.5 customization to mirror bots on reddit


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I don't know which forum this should go to.

Right now I'm trying to find ways to keep our users from abandoning our forums.

some of the functions I see on reddit would be fantastic if we could get them here.

Example. There is a bot on reddit that monitors subs. it focuses on MMA fight decisions. if you post a trigger then a variable, the bot sees it (cronned events check comments to see if the trigger is called), goes to a remote site via API and gets the data, posting the results as a reddit user. eg: decisionbot gsp vs hendricks. it visits the mmamanifesto site and gets the results, the judges cards and posts the per round scores, as well as the fan votes. if anyone is interested i can show them an example sub that i just had this bot attached to, or post a screenshot

these are python scripts hosted on remote servers. i have some ideas if this kind if functionality could be mirrored.

where would a discussion like this happen here?

I apologize if this is the wrong place. trying like hell to stop losing members and gain new ones. we're a 9 year old community