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On VB3.7 there wasw a fantastic feature my members loved. They were able to not only change content on their Profile page but design it too.

Each section of it was a block and could be moved around.
You could enable or disable blocks.

You could edit colours using a colour picker. This included text, links, background colours, borders.
You could upload a graphic to use as background.

People had a lot of fun creating distinctive Profile pages and commenting on them. A good deal of coooperation was stimulated as users helped each other plus frioendly competition for the most dramatic/ prettiest/ funky etc page. This all exploded on the VB site and mine when the feature became available. Sadly VB4.0 simply axed this and lots of memnbers on other sites lost their treasured profiles. For this reason I stuck with 3.7.

Any chance of someone interested in a blocks + colour picker here for the Profile section? (not just the main front page of one's Profile of course)

Yes yes I know some users don't design well and some weird colour combos happened! But the users LIKED them. Which is what matters.


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Yes you are right Brogan.
But on checking that thread died a year ago in spite of strong interest expressed.

We also had Kier saying "I personally think that profile customization is a good thing. I just can't promise that it will be available in XenForo 1.0."

Now it may not be possible for KAM to do it as core (which is what the other thread was about).
But since then XF has matured a lot with add-ons and mods. So maybe a profile customisation function could go that way.

To save people trudging through the thread which ended a year ago (kindly supplied by Brogan above) basically there is a major divide between those who think profile customisation is a dangerous plague and those who like it, or even urgently need it.

To the plague side it means risking users making a muckup of designing their profile page - some designs are just very individual, some are simply no good. For an admin running a community focused on her/ his own high quality design work this doesn't reflect well as it can look like it's their work to the uninitiated.
To others on this side it's just an unnecessary complication.

To the support side it can be equally acutely desired - a design based community user wants to display themselves AS a designer!
A socially creative community can also find this desirable - it stimulates both competition and cooperation around ideas; and comments on each other's designs.

Which suggests it definitely needs to be a first level admin toggle to disable, protecting consistent page design, design standards, or minimalism.

But there's definitely interest out here - VB got big happiness reactions when it was introduced, and big protests when they deleted it. So much so that they had to bring it back - some think it was reinstated to try to draw attention from XF.


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Oh I just noticed this has been moved to an Implemented/ Resolved section.
It hasn't been Implemented or Resolved so could it please go back into Suggestions.