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I'd like a home page to show recent posts, but in three sections

The first section would show 10 recent posts from 1 particular forum​
The middle section would show recent 15 posts from a selected number of forums​
The last section to show 10 posts from just 1 forum.​

Years ago I had this home page setup using vB and vB advanced, and I managed to do it with xF1 and the BD Widget Framework. Will xF2's widgets enable me to do this?
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It would be possible, though it would like require some custom HTML to define/call the widgets. You could create a page node and set that as your index page route. You'd then need to put the HTML to call the widgets. You can do this by a widget key (the ID you define in the control panel) or through a completely custom call, similar to this: https://xenforo.com/community/threads/widget-options-in-template.137983/