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Customisable Widget (version 1.0) - Warn your users that they are using outdated browser software

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When this add-on is installed, it will detect the browser version your visitor is using and if it is below a certain version, your visitor will see a bar similar to the above.

The widget is provided by

If the user clicks the banner they will be taken to their website where they can receive suggestions for a replacement browser.

I have...

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I am just curious, how did you get it to warn for Chrome? Or is that screenshot from their website, with the "test" button? I have been trying to spoof the user agent string for various versions of Chrome, but even versions below 10 never yielded a warning.
IMPORTANT: The "test mode enabled" option will permanently enable the Browser Update warning regardless of the browser the visitor is using. As you can see from the first screenshot, I am being warned that Google Chrome 19 is out of date when it clearly isn't. This is because I have test mode enabled.

That's a screenshot from my development site with the test button enabled. It doesn't check whether the browser is compatible, it just forces the banner regardless of browser version.

Trying to spoof with Chrome is a bad idea. It doesn't actually check if Chrome is outdated. Chrome's auto update feature is pretty much impossible to stop. You won't have anyone with an out of date Chrome browser.
In windows you will have to edit the registry, and in Linux you are dependent on the package in the repository, and not sure how OS X allows updates. It might not be so critical, as Chrome moves very fast and have done so since it was launched, I would like the opportunity to warn for older browsers there as well. I just got a small hope when I saw the screenshot :)
I doubt very much you'll find any scripts that will warn against Chrome. But if I find one I'll make a XenForo version of it for you :D
I prefer browser update script, have had it running for quite some time. It is the least obtrusive one I have seen, not big bells and whistles, just a simple warning.
I'm not sure why you posted an issue there. It's nothing to do with the developers of the browser update widget.

It was developed by me (as a then, third party add-on developer) many years ago.

I have no intention of updating it myself because XenForo already displays a sufficient warning notice to users of older browsers.

Officially we support IE8 and above so we display a notice for anyone using IE7 and below. We don't worry about Chrome and Firefox and "others" because typically they have sufficient auto updates. We occasionally see issues caused by outdated browsers but it's so rare I'd argue most people probably don't need anything like this.

However, if you do, you would need some sort of custom development from another author.
Okay, I thought it were the same developers.
Anyway thanks for the information about the included feature in XenForo.
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