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Well, since i want to sell my License, this might be a pre sale question ;)
I would like transfer my License but till now i dont have an entire answer got from a support ticket i´ve opened
I just would like to know if just jonathan is doing support or if any other could help me?!
True but what i dont undertand is that all the time i get one reply and after that nothing more. So i ask myself what makes it so hard to wait 5 minutes more till everything gets sorted and finish the transfer, also mods who are able to check the tickets where online and could help but the only one that helped was slavik. thats frustrating

And comments like the one from.... iBotPeaches o_O

Slavik.. Thanks a lot that we finally got it solved. Now i can fall into my Bed and have a sleep.
2nd hand licenses are bogus in my opinion. The company doesn't get any money, except future renewals. Just buy it from them.[/rant]

XF also gets promotion of their product from the install on the customers site (and the copyright links at the bottom of every page) and - if the license is used at a very large site - XF gains a certain amount of kudos for being the platform of choice (see the Big Boards thread list!!).

There's also branding-free that might be purchased and XFES too - so it's not exactly bogus is it?

And surely an active site on a second user license is better for XF than no site at all (if the buyer can't afford the full retail "brand new" price)?

EDIT: I forgot add-on and skin purchases too - so there's more value to a second user license than you might first imagine. ;) :D
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