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Discussion in 'XenForo Pre-Sales Questions' started by bogus, Oct 24, 2012.

  1. bogus

    bogus Guest

    Well, since i want to sell my License, this might be a pre sale question ;)
    I would like transfer my License but till now i dont have an entire answer got from a support ticket i´ve opened
    I just would like to know if just jonathan is doing support or if any other could help me?!
  2. Vincent

    Vincent Well-Known Member

    What's the question? :)
  3. bogus

    bogus Guest

    Well i just wanted to make sure to get the money..... So Jon just wrote that i will have to send the fully Adress, then it will be send out a confirmation Mail to the new License Holder.... but (the Question) is there any confirmation to make sure i got the money?
    Like.. I got the Money and inform the Support that the License can be transfered?
  4. Vincent

    Vincent Well-Known Member

    As the seller you can give the order to the Staff to transfer the license when you want to.
    This can be before the sale (which would be pretty stupid) or after (which is probably what you're going to do).

    If you're still searching for a buyer, go to www.extralicense.com :)
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  5. bogus

    bogus Guest

    I would but they left me alone again... Getting a bit annoying right now to be honest
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  6. DigitalNikos

    DigitalNikos Member

    (I am the Buy'ee)

    I find this interesting/disheartening - we got 90% of the way through this transaction with help from Johnathan Coleman, and then right as soon as it was time to transfer the license over officially all contact stopped again. I agree Bogus - this is getting a bit annoying.
  7. bogus

    bogus Guest

    Seems he is always on just half an Hour. I really have no idea why this happend yesterday and today again. really weird
  8. Chris D

    Chris D XenForo Developer Staff Member

    I do not understand what you're asking.

    What has been said by the staff so far? What are you wanting to know? What do you want to happen?

    License transfers should be pretty straight forward.

    Agree the sale between you, sort out the financial stuff between you. Once that has happened I would find it reasonable for buyer to be able to send seller a copy of the files. Then, the actual license transfer is just a formality which you can leave in the hands of XenForo support as long as buyer, seller and staff are all copied in to the support ticket.

    Jonathan Coleman is Slavik on the forums so you may want to send him a forum PM, but I'm sure this is in hand.
  9. DigitalNikos

    DigitalNikos Member

    all of this is done with the exception of the license itself - i can grab a copy of the files from a previous license I had if needed but didnt want to install or do anything of the sort until the license was officially transferred to me.
  10. DigitalNikos

    DigitalNikos Member

    the $$ changed hands, a support ticket was opened and the 'verification' of transfer portion of the transfer took place, however our support ended once i stated that I'd verified id be taking ownership. After that happened neither of us has had any communication and the license has yet to switch hands.
  11. Chris D

    Chris D XenForo Developer Staff Member

    Again, these are just formalities in my opinion. People can shoot me down in flames, but in reality, you own the license. If bogus can send you a copy of the files downloaded from his account, and add your forum name to his current license (so you can get support on the forums and download resources) then in almost anyone's eyes, that's job done. It's only on paper that things haven't been formalised.

    I don't see any reason to worry. You have a support ticket open, you've done the right things so far. Just proceed as you need to and the paperwork will complete in due course.
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  12. CyclingTribe

    CyclingTribe Well-Known Member

    Presumably just Jake and Slavik are manning support at the moment and if this is assigned to Jon then I assume he'll address it in due course.

    TBH I can't complain myself because he did my latest transfer on a Sunday morning - which was most unexpected - but as volunteers neither of them are working a formal 9-5 shift so there may be some indeterminate delays whilst they're off doing other things.

    I'm guessing it will complete sometime soon - but you'll have to be a bit more patient than you might normally expect to be if the owners themselves were providing the support.

    Shaun :D
  13. DigitalNikos

    DigitalNikos Member

    Shaun and Chris,
    Thanks for the responses. My lack of patience currently is due to the fact that the original owner still holds the license in his possession as well as my $$ now, and also that I have some what of a deadline to get Xenforo operational on my site and need to begin work on it asap for that reason.

    I have written Jake, Lawrence, and Jon now so hopefully one of the 3 of them will assist me today with this. I cant imagine it's all that hard to complete this transfer in a matter of minutes.
  14. Chris D

    Chris D XenForo Developer Staff Member

    Technically he will always have the license in his possession as I'm sure there's nothing to stop bogus from keeping the current version on his hard drive. Obviously in accordance with the license agreement he will need to delete all copies...

    But bogus is clearly keen to get this sorted too. I feel that if it is delaying your objectives, then you guys should follow my advice. bogus could send you a copy of his files and add your forum name to the account so you can start getting forum support and resources.

    Then when that matter of minutes happens, you'll have had a head start and the support ticket can be closed.

    Just another $0.02: There's now nothing that can stop this deal from falling through. The transfer request has been made (and I assume you have evidence of that) and you have exchanged money (which I assume there is also evidence of) therefore the only way this transaction can be cancelled if both parties now confirm that XenForo can cancel the request and close the ticket.

    As far as I can tell there is now zero risk so as long as you can get a copy of the files (preferably from bogus) and access to resources, I don't see a reason to be concerned.
  15. bogus

    bogus Guest

    Chris i guess you dont understand the Situation. I send all the Infos of the new Customer already, just wanted to know if its possible to wait with the transfer till i have the money and till i give my OK, jon wrote that this is ok and then he left after his reply to my support ticket..... All i want is that the license will be transfered ASAP

    To DigitalNikos: Dont let it look like as if i made any mistake, just that i tooked your Money and left you alone.... I try really everything to get this sorted.... i pc´ed now quite every mod i could find. Its not my fault that noone seems to be interested which makes me also annoyed

    To Chris: If i send him over a Copy i make myself guilty because of Copyright licensement....

    Just think before you write thinks like that.....

    Sorry if i sound a bit rough but this situation is everything else then nice
  16. iBotPeaches

    iBotPeaches Active Member

    2nd hand licenses are bogus in my opinion. The company doesn't get any money, except future renewals. Just buy it from them.

    All of this would of been solved. [/rant]
  17. Chris D

    Chris D XenForo Developer Staff Member

    Well, you're misunderstanding me now. I actually do fully understand the situation :)

    No one is accusing you of anything. Quite the opposite. I can see very clearly (and so can DigitalNikos, I feel) that you're doing everything you can to get this resolved.

    You will not need to give Nikos access to your license account that contains your personal details. I am just suggesting you add his forum name in the "Forum Users" section, that will just simply allow him to download resources.

    Also, you will not be guilty of any copyright issues. The support case has been logged and both parties are happy to proceed. No one in their right mind would see any issue in you giving Nikos the files (by sending them by e-mail).

    He's paid for it, and XenForo support are aware, so in this exceptional circumstance, I see no problems.

    Not really very useful input.

    XenForo offer the license transfer service at their discretion and I'm sure bogus has his reasons for selling as does Nikos for buying.

    There's nothing bogus about them if all 3 parties involved are happy with the terms, which they clearly are.
  18. bogus

    bogus Guest

    Wow iBotPeaches that was a smart comment.

    Sorry Chris i never had probs like that, if you want to call it probs, but as you also wrote i want to solve that soon, but none of the Team let me ;) And i fully understand that nik gets dissapointed, i also would, but all i can do is to write pc´s and pc´s and support tickets to jon who leaves everytime after one reply ;)
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  19. CyclingTribe

    CyclingTribe Well-Known Member

    You are both obviously wanting to get this sorted and are simply frustrated because you can't complete the very last part of the transaction - the license transfer from one account to the other; that's very understandable and would concern me a little too, but under the circumstances you've had communication up to the almost final point so I think you can relax a bit knowing that it is in the process of moving and will be completed in due course - when Jon gets chance to do the final part.

    It's really just a technicallity - you've both publicly approved the tranfers, money has changed hands, you've said which direction the license is to move in, started a ticket and almost completed the process, so I wouldn't worry too much.

    DigitalNikos, I would suggest you don't bother waiting, just get XF installed and begin your development - you both know the sale is complete (for you two, personally) and you can add your site details in the customer area once the license is moved over to your account.

    Also, if you've developing the site in private before you launch it, then presumably the license transfer will be done before the site is ready to go?

    Shaun :D
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  20. Slavik

    Slavik XenForo Moderator Staff Member

    This is now sorted. Sorry for the delay guys, as Chris stated both Jake and I don't work any official hours doing support, and as we both have our own companies to run / jobs to attend, it is done as we can fit it around those, which means sometimes we have to leave for a few minutes or hours.

    Appologies once again for the delay.
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