Custom XF Designs (For my Portfolio)

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Hey guys,

I am Looking to add a few "Custom XF Styles" to my portfolio (XF Styles Portfolio), This will be showcased on my upcoming project: Expert Pixels (Site is p/w protected until it's completed)

What you get:

- A Custom XF Style (With much greater attention / detail then you normally would)
- Long-term exposure / traffic as it will be displayed in my portfolio
- Cheaper than normal pricing as it's Helping me to demonstrate my ability

I am actually hoping that someone has a MASSIVE site using a different platform and is Converting to XF...I would really love to take on a Custom Job that really pushes the boundaries and is a popular / authority site.

Please Note: Now I wont be starting any Custom XF Designs for at least two weeks.. So if you are interested please PM me and i'll provide further info / discus your project and design ideas with you ASAP.

Regards, Darren