Custom work (for money) - Blogs Module

Digital Doctor

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Did you contact Guiltar directly ?

Part of the problem is paying people who live in Russia (No Paypal) ... 'i've tried to come up with ideas to help, but I think they may have lost interest. Add in the recent clarification of "future problems" unrelated to the lawsuit and they probably have even less interest.

You might be able to get them to do a custom install of their Blog ? Contact Guiltar.
I talked with both of them. Problem not with PayPal. Not hard to do alternative payment methods for Russia and Ukraine. I told them it and they know all information. It`s simple - they lost interest.

In addition, they contradict each other on the issue price. I was willing to pay several times more for an exclusive copy of the module, but they do not know (and initially did not know) how much to sell their product. It also became clear that the product is quite simply not been completed yet by the end (due to loss of interest).