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Custom User Field ID - Being hashed? Or just phpMyAdmin?

Adam K M

Active member

I can't help but notice that in phpMyAdmin the custom user field IDs in my xenforo database table "xf_user_field_value" appear to be hashed or something... for example, where 'player_rating' should be, in phpMyAdmin, I see '706c617965725f726174696e67'. Using a php ~ mySQL framework (Medoo.in) I'm able to select the database row if I call it using the field_id 'player_rating' name, and not that "hashed" id.

Does this mean that I should add new values to the table using the 'player_rating' name, or that I should add them using the hashed '706c617965725f726174696e67' name? Or is phpMyAdmin not collecting the data correctly, and in reality it's not being hashed by Xenforo's systems at all?

Can someone please clarify?