Custom Registration - Verification Code

Michael Murguia

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Hi all,

This could definately lead to ongoing work.

I am trying to optimize our account membership process and have specific needs. The high level need is to be able to provide a user with a code to activate a specific upgrade level. Two registration paths need to handle existing forum account upgrade and new forum account. Below is my take on this. The flow does need to be mobile friendly.


I need to send users via a url, to a xenforo landing page where they select an option for upgrading their forum account. The options are:
  1. I don't have a forum account and need to register a new account and be added to the "Member" user group.
  2. I already have a forum account and need to upgrade my account to "Member".
In both cases, the user will need to enter an activation code we have sent them through regular mail. In option 1, we would rely heavily on the existing account registration process, but add the additional requirements of the activation code. In Option 2, we would just need the activation code, and the rest of the process would be streamlined to exclude new account registration information.

Here is the flow document. It is just a prototype, and you can see which buttons are linked to other pages by the small icon in the corner of active buttons.


I look forward to hearing from you. Please do not refer me to external development services website. I want to hear from individuals.



Michael Murguia

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Thank you all for the private responses, I have contracted this work out.

I have a lot to do on our forums, and would like to work with a few people. Send me a PM if interested!