XF 1.4 Custom Node Icon disappear with new style (Smoothy)

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Hello Community !

I come here in hope anyone will help me Haha ! I have a problem with my new style i use, on the old style (Soft Responsive) i have a lot of node icons, but when i go to my new style they all disappear (you can see screen below) :

Normally this i have on the soft responsive style :
And on the new i have that :


I use : [******] Custom Node Icon on 0.9 version, if he can help to localize the problem.

All of my pictures go on this folder on my FTP :


I hope that will help you to find what is the problem :(

Thanks you very much for your precious help !!!!


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Support related to third party add-ons should be sought from the resource thread.

However, as the author of that particular add-on is banned from this site, you will need to seek support elsewhere.
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