XF 2.2 Custom Fields not showing on


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Good Morning,

I am trying to get Custom Fields to show up under users thread avatars so people know everyones real name and not their username.

I have followed the instructions at this page - https://xenforo.com/community/threads/show-custom-field-below-user-title.203906/ but even though I have both of these options correctly set, the actual custom field data never shows up.

I have verified the data is in the field and that all the options are enabled, but not sure what I am doing wrong.

Here are some screenshots of my settings:




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I may have found the issue. It looks like I somehow mass deleted the custom fields somehow when I was editing them.

Maybe a better question, is what would I need to put into the template to change the username to the custom field? I saw you could do {{ phrase('user_field_title.name') }} to display the title, but how do you actually have it display the value instead?