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I basically want to make a custom home page that just shows new post (Forum Post), and articles (created from the Showcase addon, or Resource Manager)
-It needs to be visible to guest
-I don't want anything in the feed but the new post and articles (unlike the activity feed that shows users profile changes and other non related updates)
- Needs to have the same right side bar as you see in a default installation on the home page (unlike the New Post Page, or Recent Activity Page that are single column)

Message me how you would go about doing this the simplest way and estimated cost.



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I'd actually recommend XenPorta 2 for such a project. It's a premium add-on but I *think* it can do what you want and much more. It's not too difficult to setup either. Could save you a lot of money by having someone building something completely custom anyway...




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I actually use widget framework paired with Xenporta on a forum and it works pretty great.
Glad you found something that suits your need and doesn't break the bank LOL