Custom Canonical For Certain Threads


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Almost 100% sure this does not exist in default XenForo, but does anyone know of an Add-On?

We have content being posted in our Forums which is going to be duplicated in our News Center. Basically the user didn't want to become an "Author" in our news center and properly post the articles there. He's only willing to post them on our forums, buried beneath 700,000 other posts.

As the site owner, I would like to have this content properly set up as a news article. And direct Google away from indexing the forum thread, which will also avoid a duplicate content penalty.

This can be done two ways: Add a noindex tag to the thread and let Google find the news article on its own, or Add a canonical to the thread which directs Google to the News article. The latter seems the best.

1) Are there any AddOns that allow you to define a custom canonical for a thread?
2) If we were to do this, do the developers of XF have any suggestions on the least invasive way to accomplish it, code-wise?

Thank you.

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Just out of curiosity, could something like this array method be used for canonicals, in the thread-vew template, using thread ID numbers instead?

Late reply here!

I think that may be possible, but why not ask the question in that thread?

I would also like to see something that allows you to have a custom canonical for specific threads, pages or resources.

I have been looking for some kind of way to specify canonical URLs via an external file, as mentioned here:

but so far no luck.