XF 1.5 Custom BB media code for hearthis.at?


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I have tried adding custom media codes for hearthis.at, which is a music mix sharing platform like mixcloud. But I am having no luck.

Some guy on the IDM board has one that will work on vB board, but how would alter this to work on my Xenforo board?

This is what the embed html looks like:

<iframe scrolling="no" id="hearthis_at_track_9999999" width="100%" height="150" src="hearthis.at" frameborder="0" allowtransparency>Blah Blah Listen to my mix</iframe>

where 9999999 is the unique mix ID.

It ends up looking like this. How to embed hearthis.at player in your posts/threads (this seems to only work on the vB board)