MG 2.2 Custom Media code


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I'm trying to add this media source into a custom BB code for my media gallery but I'm running into issues:

<iframe src="" width="568" height="351" allowfullscreen frameborder="0"></iframe>

So in Match URL's I have{$id}

And in the template I have
<iframe src="{$id}/embed?show_title=1" width="568" height="351" allowfullscreen frameborder="0"></iframe>

But I cant get it to work in the gallery
This is in the manual. Its a bit hard to understan because the title says to enable but the last line in the manual says "Disable this only if you understand the implications."


Normally, XenForo sends the X-Frame-Options HTTP header with a value of SAMEORIGIN as a means to prevent click-jacking from malicious scripts.

When enabled, this option prevents clickjacking attacks by placing your forum in an iframe and tricking the user into clicking something. However, this can also disable valid uses of iframe embedding. Disable this only if you understand the implications.
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