Custom BB Editor Icon Callback

Question about a custom BB code,

I've created a custom bb code call "clip", pass an ID and it replaces the clip with the Xbox game clip in our database. That is working fine

What I want to do, is have a custom button in the BB toolbar (which i do)


And I want it to basically behave like the "smilies" button, where it loads an ajax page of "index.php?editor/clips", which i also have working.

Now i just need that BB icon to trigger an event to to load the page (which i sorta have working by hacking editor_js_setup template), but my hack , i cant figure out how to include it into "redactor" javascript object once the user selects an item to add.

So, how i do add my own custom callback for this icon. I've looked everywhere, and searched xenforo documentation for hours.