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In an add-on I'm developing I would like to send a custom alert.

The main PHP code:

$alertUserId = 1;
$userId = 2;
$username = 'test';
$contentType = 'trader';
$contentId = 1001;
$action = 'insert';
$extraData = array();

// send alert
XenForo_Model_Alert::alert($alertUserId, $userId, $username, $contentType, $contentId, $action, $extraData);
and the template:


When I check for the Alerts the red balloon shows a new alert, yet there is no alert message. What am I doing wrong?

Thank you.

Chris D

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Look at how XF sends alerts, e.g. XenForo_AlertHandler_ProfilePostComment

In addition to needing that, it also needs a content type record in the xf_content_type table and a content type field record in the xf_content_type_field table.