Duplicate Custoizable Personal Admin/Portal

grant sarver

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Well, you know, I look at vBadvance CMPS and it has a lot of user information. Then I look at the new "customizable user profile" slated for VB4.1. I know many folks who use their favorite forum for a home page. Google and others have personal home pages, I think this could make a lot of sense. So you end up with a customizable userCP/portal/home page. Put the usual stuff like latest posts and latest news.

Your personal page wold have your profile and a "drag & drop" widget toolbox. It would be your own personal portal. And make it customizable with wallpaper and color choices etc. Remove the header and move the navbar up so it becomes a toolbar to clear out some real estate (nobody's going to want your logo on their home page).

Just started thinking about this and it needs some brainstorming and get kicked around a bit. At the very least it seems worthwhile and do-able to do a userCP/personal portal.