XF 1.5 Can't Access Site or Admin Portal

I did what I'm guessing now was a bad thing while trying to setup a link to our online storefront today. I created a new node, which was to be a tab using the nodes as tabs plugin. In the URL blank, I pasted in a full outside URL. I hit save and then immediately lost access to the admin portal and the site is down.

Is there any way to go in and fix this at this point?? Many thanks for any advice.
Assuming your site is The Technical Fisherman, I can access it as well as the Admin Control Panel login page (though obviously I can't log in).

Is the issue occurring when you log in?
Thanks, @Martok, I figured it out. I'd caused a DNS problem by setting the new storefront to the main url. So it was a DNS problem and just happened to appear as I was adding the new node. Always a sinking feeling when the site goes down...

Thanks again.
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