Curious of the hardware to host this instance of Xenforo


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I'm very impressed with the speed of Xenforo and curious of the hardware used for this instance.

Mostly to get a better idea of the performance and where it would land on the hardware I have available.



Well-known member is run on a dedicated server. However, XenForo routinely performs very well on many different server types, I am sure you will be fine.


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An example, a forum (running default XenForo and no addons) I was working on last night had 3100 users online, and the server loads were 3-4 out of 32 (opteron 2.2ghz iirc)


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XenForo will likely run on whatever modern day server (from the reasonable past 5 years) that is available.


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Example of two smaller server types...

1. 4 year old quad-core 2.6GHZ Xeon - slow hard drive, 8 GIGs Rams - lots of add-ons and even other small sites and CMS on the same server...1.5 million posts.

Serves up to 3,000,000 pages per month with no sweat. Never saw load above 2 for any period of time.
Usual peaks are about 1,000 online at once (according to XF stats).

2. Tiny VPS - 1G Ram and 1CPU or less. About a dozen add-ons and one instance of WP

Serves 200,000 pages per month and load is very low even in the single slice of CPU.

So basically you want to figure out what you have in terms of traffic, what you expect to happen and then you can make a informed decision. Only a tiny subset of forums would ever need the kind of iron Slavik is talking about.