Fixed  Ctrl+S not working in private conversations


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well, since Ctrl+S (Mac) is working so fine when posting new threads or replies, I totday found out that this hotkey is not implemented in private conversations.

Since it it for other features (like threads), I assume it to be a bug or at least a missing feature to make XF's usability consistent.

Thanks for your attention :)



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Can you describe where you are seeing this, as I've looked at both instances of the editor used in conversations, and both have the accesskey="s" accelerator enabled.


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You're right... Same problem like some time before... At the private conversation page (with the quick reply on the bottom) you have two forms with an accesskey='s'. Therefore Firefox gets confused and jumps to the first button with that hotkey. But it does not seem to be the one on the bottom of the page.

The other one is for updating my status, as I just found out from the source code.

Edit: Same problem was here: