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Brogan submitted a new resource:

CTA Featured Threads User Preferences - Give your users the option to remove the featured threads blocks

This guide will explain how to create custom user fields which will enable your users to remove the featured thread blocks from the forum list, forum view and new/recent posts pages.

Once completed they will have three additional check boxes on their account/preferences page, like so:

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Brogan I'm interested in a similar solution for a project.

I know that this addon will only "hide" featured threads, but I'm wondering is it's possible to make visible featured threads from specific nodes based on custom fields and hide others.
I'm not really sure what you're asking.

This guide is purely related to the featured threads add-on and provides a means for members to hide the blocks.

Anything else is outside the scope of this resource/thread.
you are in the Managers' usergroup or you insert in a profile field that your job is: Manager
I'm in the Bar Tender's usergroup or I inserted in a profile field thet my job is: Bartender

I, as a bartender, can see only some featured threads, managers others.

Do you think that can be possibile to show specific featured thread to specific user on (multiple) custom fields and/or usergroups basis?
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