CSS Continues to mess up and puts website in an unusable state.


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The URL to our website is: https://hytrade.org/
and before we get into the issues, here is what the website should look like.

The problems started just last Sunday where the website suddenly goes into an unusable state where it is both impracticable and not presentable. It is very important for us to maintain our website up to standard so it is imperative that we find a solution for our community as soon as possible.

Despite our team not making a change to anything on the website, this suddenly occurs.

Screenshot (555).png

While accessing the dashboard, nothing proves to be any better. The entire interface looks completely different and problematic; as seen below.

Screenshot (563).png

To provide you with more information, this is the error messages that has appeared in the website's console:

Screenshot (562).png

Additional Information:
Our server host has been kind enough to fix this up temporarily. Although, it has returned to its broken state after 24 hours of it being fixed. It should be mentioned that something is deleting the xss cache.

Thank you very much for your time and I look forward to reading your responses.


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Does it look broken on an unmodified default style with all addons disabled when the issue occurs? Just a heads up also, your footer copyright links are just about unreadable due to the color being similar to the background color.


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Are you using a CDN, and if so, have you checked to see if CSS assets are loading correctly from them? I've seen those exact symptoms before when a CDN node is down.