Fixed  Cron.php image is solid white, visible on dark styles


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For a while I had been wondering why a single white pixel would randomly show up in the bottom-left of the screen with my style, Flexile. Well, today, I finally found out that it's the cron image, included right before the closing body tag like this:


<img src="cron.php?1294008332" width="1" height="1" alt="" />
This works fine on the default style, but on a style with a dark page background or footer like mine, it appears as a random, jarring white pixel and it is quite annoying if you notice it.

You should use a transparent gif, not a white one, for the cron image so it will work against any background. :)


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I saw that, including the comment labeling it a transparent gif, but it is most definitely not transparent. :)


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I think I found the issue. white.gif, when opened by Photoshop or any other image application, will be displayed as 1 white pixel. spacer.gif, when opened, will be displayed as 1 transparent pixel.

Now, look at this:


Clearly the files are different as evidenced by their MD5 sums. Now, at first glance their base64 encodings look the same. But actually, they differ by one character:


It's an easy mistake to make. You (the developers) must have copied and pasted the the base64 encoding of a white gif, thinking it was the base64 encoding of a transparent gif. :)

Edit: the post Brogan linked to confirms that you are currently outputting the data for a 1 pixel white gif, not a 1 pixel transparent gif. :)


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Nice catch.

I must confess, I've been wondering for some time why a transparent cron gif was showing up as white.


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Good catch, I'm not sure how that happened. I'm not sure why I'd have a 1x1 white gif sitting around, unless I accidentally didn't include transparency. :)