XF 1.4 Cron and search index


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Hello there,

1. Which cron entries do I need to set up, so my site is always accurate? It should update every statistics, counts, new posts (etc.) instantly?
Or do you have any advice on that? ( I dont understand quarter of the entries of the list)

2. How does the search index function?
- Can't I search for words with 3 characters?
- How can I exclude words from searching or include many words, give a specific order of words, etc.?
- How can I make it that the results can be listed as thread start date or last reply date?


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Running the cron(s) contstantly to update the stat's in real time is not recommended.
Does it really matter if they are 10-15 minutes behind?

MySQL search has a minimum word length which can be set in the ACP and the my.cnf configuration file.
There are no options related to sorting by various dates.


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Is there a manual about the cron entries? So I can see what exactly is updated when the cron xyz runs?

I just want that the "recent threads" sidebar is updated every 1 minute. But dont know which cron I must configure for that.

How can I set the cron periods to default? I changed a lot of them but I want it back to the default ones xenforo is suggesting.

Ah, and ACP>Options>Search Options>Search minimum word length is at the moment 3. But still it doesnt work.


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In terms of crons, they're mostly technical so you would need to review the code to see exactly what's covered if the description isn't clear enough.

Going to <url>/install/ and rebuilding the master data should return them to default.


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It won't reset options settings, if that's what you're concerned about.
And add-ons, node tree and all the other stuff? Just Cron settings will be reset? (Sorry for asking again but better be safe than to make a big mistake)


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It rebuilds all of the master data such as templates, phrases, cron entries, etc.

It won't affect any add-ons, nodes, or other created content.