Criteria seems a little backward [could improve]

Rigel Kentaurus

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It is interesting how often I am finding myself looking for the "opposite" rule of what the criteria can be. Would be cool to have the criteria able to be negated.

  • Yesterday I was advertising a thread, I wanted to create a notice that did not show to moderators, because, well, they already know. But there is no "not a moderator" option
  • The other day, I was trying to create a notice for people that have not linked their Facebook account, so they would. But, alas, there is no "is not linked with facebook" option
  • I was trying to create a notice that didn't show to the banned users or visitors .. but, well, there is no option for "not banned"
  • We have mix and max for posts .. but we don't for trophies
  • I created an optional halloween style, an I wanted people NOT using that particular style to get the notice, so they can switch to it, but there is no criteria for that.
So, pretty much, I have tried to use this 5 times already in ways I could not

I think a valid use case is finding people that are not doing something, and promoting them into that (as the example with the halloween style), that is why having the negated criteria would help

I don't want to turn this into a complex decision machine with ORs and ANDs because that is not the point, but either having the symmetric option would be cool, or a master "Show notice if matches" / "Show notices if NOT matches" at the top :)