Partial fix CreativeWork Schema Bug Report

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i dont know i just check resource

Chris D

XenForo developer
Staff member
We have made some changes here but, unfortunately, the "CreativeWork is not a known valid target type" error will still continue in the Structured Data testing tool.

The assertion in the tool pertains to the changes discussed here:

It seems as though Google are being particularly stringent on what types of property are considered relevant targets for reviews.

While the Google tool will continue to error and, it seems, no longer show the rich review snippets, the actual markup we're using is valid and compliant with the documentation at

The structured data markup that we do include may well still be used by other search engines. Indeed Bing still seems to display rich review snippets on their search results and other systems may still be able to scrape the information manually if needed.

So, ultimately, we're leaving the error but it can be safely ignored.

If you do so happen to host resources in your Resource Manager that fit one of the allowed types, you could always edit the xfrm_resource_view template to add the relevant type (Book does seem to work but we just cannot justify that for the general use of the software).