XF 2.2 creating thread by guest using api key


I'm trying to create a topic as a guest using the guest api key and getting an error:

"errors": [
"code": "please_enter_valid_name",
{ "message": "Please enter a valid name."
{ "params": []

according to answer on similar thread https://xenforo.com/community/threa...-guest-user-no-username.189355/post-149072549
For API actions that require guests to have a username specified (like posting a message), allow this to be globally set via the api_guest_username parameter
i need to allow be globally set api_guest_username parameter.

My question is can be weird as im not experienced in api - but how can i activate it and pass the right parameter to create a topic by a guest?
Pass the username as the value of the api_guest_username parameter in your request, just like the thread title or message text.
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