1. Tamasita

    XF 2.2 Showing "Post Thread" Button for Guests

    Hello,I'm looking for a way to display the "Post Thread" button to guest users on my XenForo forum. Currently, only registered members can post, but I'd like guests to see the button (even if they can't actually post) to encourage registration. I've tried editing the forum_view template, but...
  2. findozor

    XF 2.2 creating thread by guest using api key

    I'm trying to create a topic as a guest using the guest api key and getting an error: Code: "errors": [ { "code": "please_enter_valid_name", { "message": "Please enter a valid name." { "params": [] } according to answer on similar thread...
  3. Mr. Jinx

    Add-on Easy way to anonymize users (batch update)

    Instead of deleting old inactive members, I want to anonymize inactive accounts. Reason: When you delete a members, the proces is irreversible and all posts are assigned to one guest users. This has some downsides. By anonymizing accounts, you still have all posts assigned to an identity, and...
  4. jeetkune

    Not a bug Not a Bug lol Guests can view some users' profiles

    If unregistered users want to view a user's profile in the member list, they will be asked to log in. However, for some reason this is not the case for every user profile. Please examine the attached pictures carefully. It does not allow many users to view their profile, but it does allow some...
  5. C

    Add-on Hide MEDIA tag for guests

    Hello, I need an addon that hides "certain" MEDIA tags for guests (or I want to specify which user group should be authorized). I have many custom MEDIA tags ([ MEDIA = xyz ])... these are not supposed to be visible to some user groups. Whereas these should still be visible here: [ MEDIA =...
  6. vindeo

    XF 2.2 guest message has no image even though i added one

    pic for reference. i will state i have absolutely ZERO web design skill or experience. i am getting the hang of it rather quickly but i am stumped at this one. this issue persists across the entire forum, i cannot add a pic to the background or anywhere that has an option to insert an image.| is...
  7. D.C Style

    D.C Style - Attachment view 1.1.2

    Introduce Allow guest to view specific attachment extensions. Installation Download and unzip it Upload to your server Install the add-on from Admincp Go to AdminCP -> Options -> Attachment View for configuration
  8. iCode

    [iCode] Welcome Section

    iCode submitted a new resource: [iCode] Welcome Section - To add welcome Section on forums home page. Read more about this resource...
  9. iCode

    Unmaintained [iCode] Welcome Section 1.1.1

    Allow you to add welcome Section on forums home page. Forum Page Mouse Spider Effect Not Login User Mouse Spider Effect Login User Features Enable/Disable Add-ons. Enable/Disable Mouse Spider Effect. Enable/Disable Snow Effect. Change Background image. Can change welcome message and...
  10. Mr. Jinx

    Other Set guest cookie expiration

    Would it be easily possible to set the expiration of XF guest cookies to be longer than the current session? They are currently session based. If a guest dismisses a notice, or the cookie warning, it will come back once the guest closes and reopens the browser. I would like to set an expiry...
  11. Rohan Ekanayake

    XF 1.5 Guest Viewing forum Error Page. Any Solution ?

    Hello, I seen on my current visitors list ,users viewing error page (This member is viewing invalid page or a page they don't have a permission to view it.) Any solution for it? i mean auto redirection add on to main forum list? Screenshot -
  12. XenConcept

    [XenConcept] Restrict Guest Views 2.1.1 Patch 1

    Limit the number of views to visitors. Force their registration. Options: Enable view restriction Maximum guest views Excluded forums Error message
  13. htweet

    temporary redirect guest to login/register page

    Please how do I redirect visitors/guest who visits to And how do I make the 'forums' and 'members' navigation tab unavailable to visitors? Any add-on available?
  14. htweet

    Add-on website Landing page for guest (similar to fb and twitter)

    Is there any add-on in the resource manager that would help create a a beautiful landing page for guest to signup and login. The idea is to drive more registration so guest dont have to see the website content until they create account. All other pages on the website will have viewing...
  15. Dadparvar

    XF 1.5 How to let guests view images

    Hi, In XFRM there is an option in usergroup permissions named "View resource images". Is there any similar behavior for forum's threads? We don't let guests download attachments but want to let them see images, even when they click on thumbnails they see images in LightBox. Regards, Hamed
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