XF 2.0 Creating Sidebar Display Ads


I confess I am new to Xenforo 2, having migrated my forum from vBulletin 5 just a week ago. Still, I am disappointed in how hard it is to find understandable documentation, and how difficult it seems to be to do some simple things (to me) like add an ad to the sidebar area. How does one simply insert an image in the sidebar and link it to an external website? Is there a resource for this somewhere that I have not yet found?



Just upgraded my vB site to XF2.0 and learning as well. I'm not in front of my installation to double check but there should be a widget you can add to the sidebar that accepts basic HTML. Use HTML to display and link your ad.


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You can add your ad by putting the ad code to an HTML widget (Appearance -> Widgets) and set display position to Forum List: Sidebar. Use the number to set the position to suit your needs.

The learning curve for XenForo shouldn't be too hard.