The most aesthetic way to display ads


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I believe that very few people want to see ads.

But well placed ads can make one not mind having to watch ads – think of formula 1 cars and the newspapers.

What is the most aesthetic way to show ads on Xenforo in your opinion?
I show sponsor banners at the top and bottom of every page, and after ever 5th post. (on a couple different Xenforo forums that I have) They're on a random rotation, using Siropu Ads Manager.

I've never had a single complaint about them. I think the fact that they are random (from about a dozen sponsors), keeps it interesting. I include some banners themed for the current holiday, as well.
I would like to vouch for @BassMan's add-on.

It's a free add-on. The ads look nonobstructive after I added some padding between the posts and the ad with the code BassMan provided.

BassMan man should rename himself BossMan.

and after ever 5th post.

Wow, can Siropu Ads Manager do this or is it your own custom work?
Wow, can Siropu Ads Manager do this or is it your own custom work?
Siropu can do it natively. It does a BUNCH of things. I have it set up completely self service... they can buy banners monthly, yearly, or for a 2 year contract (with different discounts for each step) It also supports coupons. It invoices, bills,and lets them upload their own banner, monitor stats, set the url, etc. It emails me to approve a new ad before it invoices them and lets them pay, and reminds them when it is time to renew. It can also sell sticky posts, but I don't use that feature.

I also use it for a banner spot in the widget table for random holiday and system messages, and one on the title bar to the right, for same. The people who buy get into the top/bottom/5th post group.
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