XF 1.2 Creating pages problem

Ken Black

Okay, I read these pages :


and on the Basic Board Information I entered custom URLs and placed a tick mark beside "User Friendly URLs", but if my page is myurl.com/privacy and I entered the data at Applications > Create New Page and under Page Options I entered the html for the privacy text...

But when I click on the privacy policy link in the footer, it returns a blank page.

How do I get this page working ?

Help appreciated.

Ken Black

Right, I did that and it shows up in the Node Tree and when I click on it it has the details. I entered "privacy" in the URL portion and in the page options I entered the page:
<div class="messageText ugc baseHtml">
various text ............



Ken Black

Okay - thank you. So, how do I change the link in the footer to match this and why does it say pages/privacy. Is it not possible to just have /privacy or does it matter?

On the Basic Board Information page I entered http://imlightning.com/privacy, so not sure why that does not work.

I guess I am more concerned about having friendly URLs for posts at forums for SEO purposes etc
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