XF 1.5 Creating page nodes -- page not found?


New member

Im trying to create a page node in the node tree, and when i made a page with the url portion "test" (so it would be https://example.com/pages/test) and i click on the button which redirects me to the page https://example.com/pages/test but all i get is a page not found error.

I hope you guys know about this issue and could help me resolve it. If you need any more information about my settings/board please ask.


XenForo developer
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It's hard to tell, but am I correct in thinking you have a route filter for something involving "pages/"? If so, that may be the cause. Otherwise, I have to guess that you have an add-on that's interfering, as looking at your site, I'm seeing something at community/pages/ that wouldn't be the default.